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App Version 1.42 released

Post by Junfeng » Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:02 am

We added a feature to indicate whether the stetho is plugged into the iPhone/iPad correctly. A lot of failures are related to the connection between the Accutension Stetho and the iPhone/iPad. If the stetho is not plugged tightly/correctly, the App in previous version could still record the sounds but with the iPhone/iPad built-in microphone and the environment noise can be recorded. The user might not be able to notice this but reach the simple conclusion that the product does not work.

With the new feature added, the user can see the Ext Mic indicator on the top light of the recording screen is changed from unfilled circle to filled circle when the stetho is plugged correctly. Otherwise the unfilled circle remains unfilled and the app will refuse to record.

If you think your stetho is plugged correctly but the indicator is not on (filled circle), please double check. If there is an iPhone/iPad case, please remove it to try again because the case can prevent the plug to reach its end (the correct position). If there is still the issue, please let us know.
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